remove method Null safety

void remove(
  1. String name,
  2. dynamic value

Remove value from a list-valued property only if they are already present in the list. If the property does not currently exist, the remove will be ignored. If the property exists and is not list-valued, the remove will be ignored.

  • name the People Analytics property that should have it's value removed from
  • value the value that will be removed from the property's list


void remove(String name, dynamic value) {
  if (_MixpanelHelper.isValidString(name)) {
    _channel.invokeMethod<void>('remove', <String, dynamic>{
      'token': this._token,
      'name': name,
      'value': value
  } else {
    developer.log('`people remove` failed: name cannot be blank',
        name: 'Mixpanel');